What our members are saying

"You really need to do a commercial and have it air nationwide. This way, more people will know about your website." –J.

"I think [Aspieology] is a great idea and has the potential to be a source of hope for those of us on the spectrum who have struggled to find lasting romantic relationships, due to our social skill deficits. I love that each person's profile lists their autistic and sensory traits. That is extremely helpful!" – L.

"A good place to meet like minded people." - J.

"I found the love of my life here. It's been a life-changing experience."- B.

"It's certainly a brilliant site with excellent members. I look forward to continuing to use it." - S.

"Thank you for the amazingly quick and thorough response!" –S.

"It's wonderful to have found a site like this where everyone else can potentially relate to what I may be going through. So, hopefully more and more people find out about this place." - B.

"I like that Aspieology gives me the opportunity to meet like minded people." - J.

"Thanks for this site! I've made a few friends here...Aspieology is better than others I've tried. On the regular sites, I just don't fit in... so, thank you once again." - T.

"It's a great place for aspies! I found my best friend and my boyfriend here. In fact, I never really felt understood by anyone until I discovered Aspieology." - K.

"I love that you don't necessarily have to be looking for love to use this site. Most lasting relationships happen with people who have been friends before they dated. I love that you can be just friends here. No pressure at all." - K.

"I've spent my whole life trying to swim with the other 'fishes'. I just learned that I don't have to anymore. :-)" - J.

"I love your website! I think it's really awesome that asperger people can use this to connect with people who are just like them." - C.

"I really like this site. I'm also on 2 other dating sites and IMHO this is the best of the 3, overall. Thank you for making a site for us aspies!" - A.

"I love that there's a place for "people like us" to go. I had to give up using big social media websites because I felt like I didn't belong there." - J.

"Aspieology helps people come out of their shell and talk to people, like themselves. That's why I like it." - T.

"I think Aspieology is awesome! Thanks for making a way for aspies to connect. It's not an easy thing for people that don't get out a lot or like social interaction." - C.

"You probably will never know the full reach of what you are doing here, but it is immeasurable." - S.

"It’s been sort of an adjustment to come to terms with asperger's, but in a good way, it means that there's a lot of help out there and organizations like Aspieology." - D.

"Thank you! This is the kind of thing I needed, like, 10, or even 20, years ago. So I'm definitely going to be needing Aspieology!" - D.

"I think it's a brilliant website and I'm very happy that I joined. A very useful experience, lots of great people." - N.

"Thank you for this website and giving me a little hope of finding like-minded people." - A.

"You are giving a great opportunity to people to meet each other, search for love and to mature. Thank you!" - N.

"This is a unique site that is intended for like minded individuals who otherwise have afflictions with social relationships." - S.

"I like that the site exists, since there are very few aspie guys that I get to meet in my real life." - J.

"You guys are great and I wanted to thank you for starting up Aspieology." - B.

"I think this is the best free autistic website. It's so easy to use." - T.

"I just wanted to say thanks for creating Aspieology. I think it is a wonderful thing for us aspies. I really value it." - V.

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