Campervans: The ideal escape for an aspie?

Photography by Appearance (via @jalopnik)

This is an exceptional example of a Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia from the early 90s. Unfortunately, VW doesn’t export their current camper van model, the California, to the US. Here’s what VW is working on for debut in 2022.

If you’re an aspie, you most likely know the occasional need to make a getaway. I do. Maybe you’ve thought about buying a campervan before, or maybe you’ve never considered the idea, Below are some of the reasons why a campervan might be a good option for you. Whether you want to just get away from the city, or perhaps a change in scenery, here’s why a campervan might be the quintessential escape for an aspie.

A Place to Reboot
A campervan can offer a comfortable retreat to reset yourself. Perhaps you’re having a really bad day at the office, or maybe hit the limits while performing social acrobatics. We’ve all been there. Don’t expect anyone else to understand, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to step away from the daily grind and reset.

Go Anywhere, Keep a Routine
One of the more famous aspects of being an aspie is our [general] fondness for habit and routine. These routines are typically set-up as a coping mechanism for dealing with change. Unfortunately, this lack of newness or spontaneity can make for a rather dull life. With a campervan, it’s quite possible an excursion from our daily life could be a little easier.

Get in Touch with Nature
Nature is where I feel most at ease. When I’m able to get out to the mountains or desert, I typically want to stay, at least for a day or two. A campervan is a mobile habitat and can make impromptu camping trips a lot more comfortable. This ability to get out into nature more often could have some health benefits as well. Why not turn a dull weekend of bing TV into something out of the ordinary.

Peace and Quiet
We all need a private space where we can feel safe and enjoy seclusion and quiet.

Get Out and Do More Stuff
Being frugal is not necessarily an asperger trait, but there’s an argument here for saving money on motels and other travel-related expenses. Unless you’re tent camping or staying with family or friends, a 3-day trip out of town can be an expensive luxury that many of us can’t afford.

A Dystopian Future?
Life happens and sometimes you just never know where you’re going to end up. Relationships, jobs, and living arrangements can change at a moments notice. It’s nice to know there’s a place you can call home when the going gets difficult. A campervan might just be your most practical emergency backup plan for when life gives you a surprise. Perhaps not the future you envisioned, but there’s nothing wrong with downsizing, or living simple.

Although prices for used campervans have steadily risen over the past few years, there’s still some good deals out there. If you like the idea of owning a campervan, consider renting one before making a final decision. In fact, you may decide that renting a campervan is best suited for your lifestyle. Have I missed any other perks of owning a campervan, just let me know.

Member feedback: Aspieology has great features and the potential to help make dreams come true

Some meaningful feedback I received over the weekend that I wanted to share anonymously here. Based on this input, we’ve added some new profile fields, and are considering marketing opportunities to introduce Aspieology to a few new niche markets.

This type of two-way dialogue helps us make Aspieology a really great and purposeful service the aspie community. Again, if you have an idea, just let us know here.

Hi, I took the time to write because this site (Aspieology) actually has great features and has the potential to truly help make dreams come true!

I think this site is a great idea and has the potential to be a source of hope for those of us on the spectrum who have struggled to find lasting romantic relationships due to our social skill deficits. I love that each person’s profile lists their autistic and sensory traits. That is extremely helpful!

However, I have some feedback for you about why this dating site has not been (yet) helpful to me:

(1) First, lack of real-life filters. One of the reasons I dislike dating sites is the lack of filters that one would use in the span of a few split seconds in real life. Not having these filters wastes valuable time sifting through dozens and even hundreds of photos of people to whom I have no attraction. For example, I am not at all interested in dating an obese person who buzzes or crops off his hair. It is my personal hang up and I cannot change the traits to which I am attracted (and not!).

(2) My second concern about your site is that the pool of available men [in my area] is very small; when I filter for my age preference and geographic area, on top of the other traits I am seeking, I am left with zero. When I search in the entire USA, I found less than a handful of matches. Are you advertising your site in places that specifically target people with Autism spectrum disorder?

(3) Third, I’m not here to “meet people” with Aspergers. I am a person on the spectrum here to find a romantic partner who is also on the spectrum. I am not interested in the social media news feed or the social media features. Please allow an “opt out” of our info and photos being part of the general news feed or from any posts on our profile being seen by everyone.

I hope you will consider actual changes rather than sending me a “thanks but we aren’t going to actually change anything” form letter. If you make the changes, THEN you will be the best site for people on the spectrum.

Thank you! (Aspieology User)

Member feedback: I joined Aspieology a few months ago

Some feedback we received after testing out pay-only-messaging features. Essentially this would only allowing paid users to send messages. We considered this as an option to help reduce spammers and bad actors and ultimately, add a layer of security to help protect our community. After some testing and feedback like the below, we decided to keep free messaging. Yay to feedback!

The new policy indicating only paid members get free messaging. I joined this website (Aspieology) a few months ago and it was the first time I was connecting with people with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It was great being able to talk to people like myself with similar interests.

I live in a relatively small and remote community where it’s hard to find people who have ASD or are willing to accept and discuss it and this website (Aspieology) opened my eyes and gave me a place where I can really feel like I can express myself.

Being able to message others was a great way to connect and meet people. I understand there are scammers on every networking and dating website and it seems unfair to remove this service from the free accounts. I believe people should be warned that there are untrustworthy people and they should proceed with caution when sharing highly sensitive personal information-but that goes for every website, not just this one.

I have also read articles stating many people with ASD are under employed and making less when compared to their neurotypcial peers, it doesn’t seem fair to remove such a vital feature from those without the paid accounts.

Messenger functionality is the key feature to any social website, without it being accessible to everyone creates a barrier and classist community. Everyone should be able to connect and network within this unique community, not just those with the means to do so.

Again, your feedback is so important.